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We are a small, selectively focused personal injury and criminal defense firm by choice. This lets us get to know our clients and cases on a deep, personal level so we can best formulate a “game plan” that focuses on the goals of our clients and their families.


No matter what your legal needs may be, our legal team has the  expertise necessary to provide you with the highest level of service.
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Injury Claims

We specializes in assisting clients with injury claim law, offering expert legal representation and guidance to ensure just compensation for their injuries.

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Criminal Defense

We provide comprehensive criminal law representation, delivering skilled legal defense to protect the rights and freedoms of our clients.

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Civil Trial Litigation

We offer robust civil trial litigation representation, leveraging expertise and strategic advocacy to navigate complex legal disputes for our clients.

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Insurance Law

We specialize in insurance law representation, expertly navigating policy disputes and claims to safeguard the interests and rights of our clients.

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At Law Firm LLC, we are proud of our track record of success in representing our clients.

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Client Testimonials

We take pride in helping our clients navigate complex legal matters and achieving successful outcomes.
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I want to thank Jason McPherson for believing in me. Things weren't going exactly like I was wanting them to in the beginning of my case. Jason worked hard and took a look at case law and which is experiences in other cases and made a decision which way we were going to proceed in my case. That took me turning down a plea agreement. When you're from a different area the more you get in trouble at it's very hard to put your trust that someone will work in your best interest and their hardest to see that Justice is done. My lawyer stood by me worked hard for me. He is a man of understanding and integrity and will fight for justice to be served. And the people in his law firm were always courteous and kind and very helpful to me and kept me well informed. I recommend McPherson law he is not afraid to seek Justice for his clients and I thank him.

Philip D.

CrimiNal DefeNse client
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I reached out to MacPherson Law Center based on a referral from an attorney in Kansas City. My daughter received a ticket in central Missouri and I had no idea how to navigate helping her through that without driving 3 hours each way on multiple occasions to appear on her behalf. After discussing with Mr. MacPherson, he assured me he could appear on our behalf and would take care of everything. And he did. I was very impressed with the communication and how he resolved our case. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of some legal assistance, they were very reasonable and excellent to work with.

Josh L.

Traffic incident Client